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Hemp Future Week is a service of the American Hemp Association and Medicinal Hemp Association.

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  1. Seems to be a lot of confusion here between industrial hemp seed oil (that has high CBD, little or no THC so not medically more than a placebo) and medical marijuana with potentially high CBD and potentially low THC (but above 2.5%). CBD needs the ‘entourage effect’ from THC to do its thing with the other 100+ cannabnoids for the medicine to work. Case Study1: Charlottes Web a strain of cannabis made in Colorado and from a hybrid of industrial hemp and marijuana was used to treat children as it at little or no high and little or no THC. Unforutnately it was removed becuase gentetically it eventually produced so little THC as to be viewed as useless. Eventually new strains of normal cannabis with high cbd and low THC was re-introduced as Charlottes Web 2.0 this time with no industrial hemp. FYI The industrial hemp was used as it was the only USA produced high CBD weed the US Government had.

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